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After a disastrous early trailer that played up the humorous aspects of the film in an attempt to sell  it as another Iron Man, Warner Brothers today released this greatly improved final trailer for Green Lantern that shows off all the characters, and covers the major plot points. This production is looking better and better each time a new trailer or TV spot hits, yet it’s still extremely difficult to tell if mainstream audiences are going to flock to a movie about Ryan Reynolds teaming up with a menagerie of bizarre aliens with magical green rings to battle a cosmic entity composed of pure fear and Peter Sarsgaard with an enlarged cranium. We’ll find out on June 17th!



Bleeding Cool posted these exclusive new pics of Kilowog, the big, bruising drill sergeant of the Green Lantern Corps from the upcoming Summer blockbuster starring Ryan Reynolds. I don’t really have anything to say about these pics, other than I knew this guy is an alien from the planet Blovax Viks without having to look it up on Wikipedia. If I had a time machine, I’d go back to the day that was burned into my memory instead of some algebraic equation and punch myself in the face. Green Lantern opens on June 17th. (Check out another pic after the jump)

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Man, another slow news day. If this keeps up, I’m going to have to make some crazy shit up to draw some attention to this site and break up the monotony of this week’s “news”. Maybe I’ll start a rumor that George Lucas has turned the Star Wars franchise over to Michael Bay for a complete reboot, with Megan Fox as Princess Leia and Channing Tatum as Luke Skywalker. Good Lord, I just terrified myself with that…*ahem* At any rate, today’s big, Earth-shattering news story is a new photo of Tomar Re, a bird-like alien who is one of the star members of the Green Lantern Corps in the upcoming Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds. Thrilling.

Credit: /Film


The Daily Blam posted this exclusive image today, which they claim is a scan from an upcoming issue of the Green Lantern comic book. What you’re looking at here is the movie version of Parallax, who is the living embodiment of fear, and is responsible for all kinds of evil shenanigans in the Green Lantern universe. He has been rumored to be responsible for (SPOILERS AHEAD) causing Abin-Sur (the alien dude who gives his ring to Ryan Reynolds in the trailer) to crash-land and die, as well as being the driving force behind the events in the film.

If this is real, which is doubtful considering all the bullshit that gets posted to Geek sites these days, I don’t have much of problem with it. As far as being the embodiment of fear itself, it’s not that scary, but I certainly wouldn’t want to find this bugger crawling up out of my toilet.


Sinestro! Kilowog! Tomar-Re! Ryan Reynolds! Oa! Click on image for full-size poster!

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