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Ohhhh, Felicia Day *sigh*, why do you torment me with your awesomeness so? You are adorable, hilarious, geeky, and you can write circles around me. Why must I live in a world where you are not by my side as my nerdy and super-hot video game playing girlfriend? Alas, I shall have to be content to watch your brilliant web series, The Guild on Xbox Live and this epic re-telling of “Twas The Night Before Christmas”. Merry Christmas my red-headed darling, E-mail me!


I don’t know who is responsible for A BeTaMaXMas, but I’d like to give them a great big hug someday. The site is decked out like an 80’s basement, wood paneling and all, with a Christmas tree, couch, and an old-school 19” television in the center. There’s a remote control in the upper right hand corner, and when you click on it with your mouse, the TV is flooded with warm, glowy, nuggets of 80’s TV nostalgia, ranging from classic Christmas specials and Christmas commercials, to Holiday-themed episodes of your favorite old sitcoms like The Facts of Life and Silver Spoons. You can even adjust the rabbit ears on top the TV to clear up the snowy picture! Every Holiday season I become mesmerized by this site, and now I’m going to share my obsession with you. Enjoy!


Earlier in the month I posted Five Great Gift Ideas For Geeks, and while I was browsing the Internets during lunch looking for gift ideas today I stumbled on to the absolutely amazing Star Wars gift section over at Think Geek. They’ve got some unique and hilarious items for sale over there, like the infamous Tauntaun sleeping bag, and a Boba Fett jetpack backpack; but none are quite as swanky as the Wampa Rug.

Yup, that’s right, nothing says “chick magnet” like a dead snow beast from the ice planet Hoth spread lusciously across the floors in your man cave. The chicks will be lining up to strap on their Leia buns and metal slave girl bikinis to lie across this velvety soft love carcass and grab a hold of your lightsaber to warm themselves on those frosty Hoth nights. Bow-chicka bow-wow!


I just hit on my way to check out the forums and was completely blown away by the deal they’re having right now.

Check out this insanity! For $20 you can own the original vanilla WoW as well as the next two expansions. That’s three games, with thousands of hours worth of playtime, for the price of the first game!

There has never been a better time to start playing World of Warcraft, or to return to the game.  Azeroth just went up in flames last week with a major patch, giving us a ton of new stuff to play with, new and previously blocked off zones opened up to explore, a completely new 1-60 quest leveling experience, changes to race / class combinations and tons more.

Keep in mind you’ll still have to pay normal ($39.99) price for the expansion that’s coming out December 7th, but if you were curious about WoW, now’s the time to buy the old content you’ll need to play Cataclysm. This would also make a great gift for the holidays for someone you know who’s curious. Don’t forget, WoW also has a $15 monthly fee to play, so if you’re giving this as a gift, you might want to also consider a game card as part of your package.

Give the gift of WoW, or treat yourself! Come see Azeroth burn and help us fight Deathwing!


The holidays are coming up and you’re probably wondering what to get your favorite gamer. Being the materialistic fangirl that I am, I spend a lot of time looking at World of Warcraft schlock and paraphernalia. Here are a couple of standard gift ideas, as well as some more unique options, to show your uber l33t loved one that you support their passion 😉

I’m going to assume, since Cataclysm comes out light years before the holidays (in terms of how long a gamer can usually stand to wait on an expansion), that your gamer will already have this next edition to the game. However, if they don’t, this is where you’d want to start with them. Make sure that they also have the other two expansions leading up to Cat before splurging on the most recent one. If you know they’re raiding Lich King / ICC, then you’re all set. If they keep talking about Azeroth and the difficulties of trying to find other level 60s to play with, then you might be in for more of an investment than you were thinking. Read the rest of this entry

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