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Ohhhh, Felicia Day *sigh*, why do you torment me with your awesomeness so? You are adorable, hilarious, geeky, and you can write circles around me. Why must I live in a world where you are not by my side as my nerdy and super-hot video game playing girlfriend? Alas, I shall have to be content to watch your brilliant web series, The Guild on Xbox Live and this epic re-telling of “Twas The Night Before Christmas”. Merry Christmas my red-headed darling, E-mail me!


I stumbled upon this video on Facebook and I thought I’d share it because it. is. AWESOME!! Its a machinima created by a duo who call themselves The Country Club. The Club — aka Nathan Kitada and Aaron T. Umedani) have a channel on YouTube filled with their pretty cool short films, including a parody of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and a three minute long fight scene they call “The Initiation”, both worth checking out. With “The Brothers Mario”, Kitada and Umedani have essentially made a four-minute long CGI “trailer” for a sadly non-existent Scarface-style gangster movie that recasts Mario, Luigi, Peach, et al as underworld mafioso types battling it out on the mean streets of some major city. Love Toad as a do-ragged, rocket-launcher toting hip-hop thug.)

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Chances are, even if you aren’t a geek yourself, you have someone close to you that can recite Rutger Hauer’s final monologue from Blade Runner word for word, or has a vast collection of Batman underwear. The chances are even greater that, more often than not, you’ve struggled to find said loved one a suitable geek gift at Christmastime, threw your hands up in futility, and purchased them a DVD of the latest Hollywood bastardization of a beloved comic book property. Well, I’m here to help you to not be a thoughtless, unoriginal bastard this Holiday season by giving you five great, no-brainer Geek gift ideas to appease that Star Wars or X-Men nerd on your shopping list. (And to make it even easier on you, all items have an link and are $50 or less). Read the rest of this entry

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