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In this clip from MTV, Amazing Spider-Man star Rhys Ifans frightens the bejezus out of their geek reporter by demonstrating the vocal technique he used for The Lizard. Now, as he stated before he launched into it, it’s going to be tweaked and put through a billion Pro-Tools filters, but one can’t help but feel a certain “demonic Muppet” vibe. Amazing Spider-Man will be released on July 3.



Marvel Comics has a new Spider-Man, and he’s a half-black, half-hispanic kid by the name of Miles Morales. Marvel announced the change in Ultimate Fallout #4 in the wake of Peter Parker’s death in Ultimate Spider-Man #160.  This is probably going to cause a shitstorm of controversy among Marvel fanboys, but it really shouldn’t since this is the “Ultimate” Marvel line, which is just a place for writers to dick around with beloved icons without affecting anything in the real “616” universe.

Ultimate Spidey writer Brian Michael Bendis is especially notorious for pulling this shit in the Ultimate universe. In fact, I’m pretty sure he made Captain America an effeminate asian guy at one point. The awesome thing about this change is that it was directly inspired by the infamous “Donald Glover for Spidey” viral campaign, which took the Internets by storm a year or so ago when Sony was casting a new Spider-Man for Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man movie re-boot, and African-American comedian Donald Glover from Community was lobbying hard for the part.


The teaser for (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb’s re-boot of  Spider-Man hit the Internet today, and its sure to ignite flame wars on message boards and forums for weeks. There looks to be a lot of teen angst and brooding in the teaser, but the real surprise  is the opening sequence showing Peter’s parents leaving him with Aunt May and Uncle Ben and disappearing forever. So, right away it’s clear that this re-telling of Peter Parker’s origin is going to  differentiate itself from Raimi’s films by having  a bit of a darker tone, and focusing on Peter’s abandonment issues.  

In terms of  special effects, I really love the vertigo-inducing  POV shots of Spidey swinging through the steel canyons of New York. It’s a thrilling and interesting way to show Spider-Man’s abilities, and much different than anything Sam Raimi’s effects team ever did. Still, one has to wonder why this re-telling of Spidey’s high school tribulations is necessary, when we just sat throgh it a mere nine years ago. Couldn’t we just have moved on with Garfield taking over from Maguire and battling the Lizard? What did you think of the teaser?


Entertainment Weekly released these exclusive new images of director Marc Webb’s upcoming Spider-Man reboot, which shows Peter Parker getting revenge on bully Flash Thompson, acting strangely in front of his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, and going out in public in an early version of his Spider-man costume. If this all sounds familiar, it should, because it’s exactly what you saw in the first Spider-Man film LESS THAN NINE YEARS AGO. I know a lot has happened in those nine years – and in today’s social networked society nine years is more like nineteen years – but I have to wonder to myself just what kind of audience is Sony serving with this rushed, mid-budget re-hash of Spidey’s origin? Do they think we have the attention spans of Michael Bay? Don’t answer that….(click on pics for hi-res versions)


Hey gang, I’ve been absent from the site for a few days, so I thought I’d get you caught up on all the latest Bay-hem and other geek happenings with these quick one-liners. One link, one snarky comment – GO!

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