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Batman: The Brave & The Bold is such a cool cartoon because it’s not beholden to the grim, Gotham-based crime stories of the previous Batman animated series’.  It’s allowed to be as campy and as wacky as it wants to be, which is great because the possibilites for fun team-ups and insane sci-fi adventures are endless. Case in point,  last week’s show ratcheted up the coolness factor tenfold by teaming Batman up with legendary Hannah-Barbera character Space Ghost in a loving tribute to the late 60’s Hannah-Barbera space cartoons. This is just pure joy:


What. The. Fuck.

So DC and Cartoon Network announced a new Batman animated series (to take the place of the super-awesome Batman: Brave & The Bold, I assume), called Beware The Batman. The show is set to air in 2013, and it looks as if it’s a hyper-stylized take on the Bruce Timm Batman: TAS design aesthetic. What you’ll notice in the promo image right away is the lack of any iconic Batman villains (the ones pictured are newer, Grant Morrison creations from the comic books), and that Batman is flanked by third-tier DC character Katana, and a gun-totin, badass Alfred.

Bizarre designs aside, is anyone disturbed by the fact that Robin has been replaced by an obscure character like Katana, or that Alfred is poppin’ caps in the asses of Gotham’s Underworld? Then again, maybe it isn’t such a stretch. Would you be shocked to see Michael Caine break out an AK-47 in one of Nolan’s bat-flicks? No, because he’s Michael fucking Caine. By the way, if you say “My Cocaine” really fast, you’ll sound like Michael Caine saying his own name. Try it, it’s fun.


This gorgeous and fun CG animated ‘Rocketeer’ short was lovingly crafted by John Banana as a tribute to the late Dave Stevens (the creator of the Rocketeer), and to mark the 20th anniversary of the live-action Disney film. It’s absolutely adorable and I would love to see Pixar or Dreamworks do a full-length Rocketeer movie!


Hey gang, I’ve been absent from the site for a few days, so I thought I’d get you caught up on all the latest Bay-hem and other geek happenings with these quick one-liners. One link, one snarky comment – GO!

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(Ed. Note -By LaserCola contributor Etrane Martinez)

New this week on DVD is DC Universe’s animated movie All-Star Superman, starring the voices of James Denton (best known for his role as Mike Delfino on Desperate Housewives) and Christina Hendricks (The red headed Amazonian beauty, Joan Harris from the acclaimed series Mad Men). The full length feature is based on a 12-issue story by the same name created by comic book veterans Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely in 2008 for DC Comics. On top of that, the movie is produced by DC’s own golden boy Bruce Timm. In the fanboy world, if it’s animated and Bruce Timm produced it you know it’s more than likely really good. It’s easy to see the amount of talent and name-power DC Universe used to create All-Star Superman, so logic would say another slam dunk for the DC animation department! With that in mind, here’s my reaction to my viewing DC’s new creation last week… did I mention how awesome Bruce Timm is?

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