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Part occult thriller, part speed-demon road movie, Drive Angry is a neo-exploitation throwback that actually feels like it could’ve once been seen on the lower half of a 42nd Street double bill. Eschewing the faux-grindhouse stylistic tics (missing reels, scratched frames) and rehashed 70s-movie plotting similar “homages” too-often indulge, it instead serves up a heaping helping of the things any B-movie fan wants: badass antiheroes, naked babes, bloody violence, wild sex, sexy cars, Satanic cults, and ridiculous plotting all done without apology.

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A second trailer for the upcoming fairy tale revamp Red Riding Hood has hit the net and it’s sporting some rockin’ new music in the form of the Nine Inch Nails hit “The Hand That Feeds”. Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman and acting legend Julie Christie star in the period horror flick directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Read the rest of this entry


It would be understandable if you went into Season of the Witch expecting to see the worst. The movie is a veritable laundry list of “avoid this” signifiers: hack director(Dominic Sena, who’s credits include Swordfish, Gone in 60 Seconds and — yeesh — Whiteout) with confidence-killing oeuvre? Check. A once-promising star (Nicolas Cage) who’s spent the last decade content with cashing paychecks from bad movies? Check. A movie that sat on the shelf for nearly a year, was abandoned by its original distributor (Lionsgate) and dumped in the cinematic graveyard that is January? Check, check and checkmate. Read the rest of this entry


OH. MY. GOD. It’s rare when I come across a film that immediately looks like one I’ll buy on DVD the day it hits, watch it with friends at least once a month, and endlessly quote dialogue from, but Your Highness is one of them. Written by Danny MacBride and directed by his Eastbound & Down partner in crime David Gordon Green, this flick looks like a completely insane stoner version of The Princess Bride, or Lord of the Rings meets The Pineapple Express.

Your Highness looks like it has it all: Creepy wizards shooting lightning, epic quests, swords and armor, multi-headed dragons, pot-smoking Yoda-like creatures, and Natalie Portman looking drop dead amazing in nothing but a thong. All this, plus the super-dreamy Zooey Deschanel sporting massive cleavage in a medieval corset. Incredible. I’m stunned that a Hollywood studio greenlighted a movie like this, but I’m so glad they did because it looks like a boatload of fun. Look for it in theaters on April 8, 2011.

Ed. Note – This is the R-Rated red band trailer, if you want to see the wussy safe trailer click here.


A palpable sense of darkness looms over Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1, the seventh — and bleakest — installment in the franchise yet. By now, any last vestiges of kid’s play have been thoroughly erased, letting this, the penultimate film in the Harry Potter universe, blossom into a dark, brooding and mesmerizing work of art. Just as its young stars grew up, the series has too, and is all the better for its sense of cinematic maturity.

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