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There have been several trailers and featurettes for this upcoming genre-mashing Jon Favreau flick, but are any of them really necessary? In all honesty, you’re either going to see a movie called Cowboys & Aliens, or you aren’t. It’s just that simple. The film is out in theaters on July 29.



The Coen brothers are genius auteurs who have made masterpieces for over 25 years, and their latest, True Grit, entertained audiences to the tune of $24.5 million this weekend. So naturally, because the majority of American movie-goers are mouth-breathing ass-tards, the film placed second to that monumentally stupid and artless piece of shit, Little Fockers. Honestly, I don’t even understand how any human being with a shred of dignity or taste can even say Little Fockers to a ticket collector without dying a little inside. Congratulations, morons.

Here are your top 3 films at the box-office for the weekend of Dec. 31 – Jan. 2

1.) Little Fockers – $26.3 million

2.) True Grit – $24.5 million

3.) Tron Legacy – $18.3 million

Complete weekend chart can be found at Box Office Mojo.


Hyper-violent and hyper-stylized to the max, The Warrior’s Way suggests what you’d get if you mashed-up the ouevres of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Zack Snyder, Sergio Leone and Ronny Yu. Samurais battle cowboys in a surreal dreamlike old West while bearded ladies and circus clowns prance around the edges, and if that sounds at all intriguing — it isn’t. For all its razzle-dazzle, The Warrior’s Way turns out to be an unwieldy, uninvolving folly.

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