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LASERLINKS – 10/07/11

Superman: The Man of Steel

Here’s a bunch of set photos that show a bearded, homeless-looking Clark Kent, and our first look at Amy Adams as a red-headed Lois Lane.

The Dark Knight Rises

Will we finally see a fully-functional Batcave in this movie?

The Avengers

The first trailer is coming on Tuesday, the 11th. Until then, here’s some more promo pics.


Check out this amazing PS3 commercial with Kratos, Solid Snake, and other iconic video game characters brought to life.

This is the first promo image from Snow White. (The Tarsem version, not the Kristen Stewart one). Click here for 12 more images.

Finally, Here’s the trailer for Sherlock Holmes 3 The Raven, with John Cusack as an ass-kicking, gun-totin’ Edgar Allen Poe.

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