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Zack Snyder is one of the most infuriating directors working in Hollywood today. His visual style is lavish and dynamic; every frame is meticulously crafted with style and panache. But, beneath the hoods of his glimmering hot rods, sit rusty, sputtering engines that fail to propel the vehicle past the finish line.  Such is the case with his latest misstep, Sucker Punch – a movie so colossally inept at basic storytelling, it makes Clash of the Titans look like The King’s Speech.

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Christ on a bike, Zack Snyder keeps making sweet, sweet love to my eyeballs with this latest, pants-exploding glimpse into his upcoming juvenile fetish badass chick film, Sucker Punch. This two and a half-minute featurette has Snyder and some of the folks involved with the production talking a bit about the plot of the movie, but I was too busy experiencing cinematic blue balls from staring slack-jawed at all the new amazingly hot and badass footage of Emily Browning, Jena Malone, and Vanessa Hudgens shooting and stabbing the hell out of dragons and 30-foot tall robot samurai. This film reached straight into my 14-year old brain and transplanted it directly to the movie screen. I cannot wait ’til March 25, 2011 to achieve full release…

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