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I’m a little late to the game on this, but MTV aired this exclusive new trailer for JJ Abrams Super 8 (which opens this Friday), during the Twilight Awards Movie Awards last Sunday night. I could not be more pumped to see some soft-lit, lens flarey, vintage 70’s-looking Spielbergian goodness this weekend!



UPDATE: (March 8, 2011 – 10:30AM) Apparently the project is now dead. The studio balked at De Toro’s proposed $150million budget and R-rating.

Tom Cruise, noted Scientologist and crazy person, has offically signed on as the lead in director Guillermo Del Toro’s film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s novella, At The Mountains of Madness. The movie begins filming in June and also stars Del Toro’s Hellboy cohort Ron Perlman. The story follows a group of University researchers who stumble upon carcasses of strange creatures in the Antarctic. Further exploration leads them to an enormous city buried in the mountains filled with horrifying slime-mold creatures and tentacled monstrosities.

Mountains and many other Lovecraft stories such as The Call of Cthulu deal with the concept of “The Old Gods” or “The Ancient Ones” – monstrous, tentacled beasts from outer space that ruled the Earth long before mankind came into being, but will someday awaken from their slumbers and conquer the planet once again.  Sound familiar? It should, because that’s pretty much what Tom Cruise and other insane Scientologists actually believe. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom Cruise walked into the production studio on his first day, saw the creature models, dropped to his knees, stretched his arms out, and cried “TAKE ME NOW, LORD XENU, INJECT YOUR ESSENCE INTO ME AND MAKE ME CLEAR”! Because, let’s face it, that dude crossed over the “Mountains of Madness” a long, long time ago.


Because the Roland Emmerich and Dean Deviln 1998 Godzilla remake starring Matthew Broderick was such a wonderful idea, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are teaming up yet again to bring another American-ized version of the big lizard to the big screen. Legendary has tapped Gareth Edwards, director of the low-budget but high-concept Monsters to direct the film.

*Sigh* When will Hollywood ever learn? People don’t want to see a bloated, big-budget, star-packed, merchandising machine version of Godzilla with a completely re-designed creature; they want to see the Godzilla they know and love – a guy in a goofy rubber suit stomping on a cardboard Tokyo while other equally goofy monsters try to punch the shit out of him! Credit: /Film

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