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For months, I’ve had to listen to friends and co-workers prattling on endlessly about how Tron Legacy was going to completely bomb at the box-office. Well, thankfully, they were wrong, as Legacy destroyed the competition and took in an estimated $43.6million this weekend. Not mega-blockbuster numbers, but it did very well in an overall weak Holiday release period. It also took in over two and a half times the number of tickets the original Tron did in its opening weekend. Here’s your top five-grossing movies for the weekend of December 17-19:

1.) Tron Legacy – $43.6 million

2.) Yogi Bear – $16.7 million

3.) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – $12.4 million

4.) The Fighter – $12.2 million

5.) The Tourist – $8.7 million

Full weekend chart at Box Office Mojo

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