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Holy balls. Hot on the heels of some Underworld news that no one gives a shit about, comes this stunning headline from Deadline. Apparently Ridley Scott has signed on to direct either a prequel or a sequel to his game-changing, influential sci-fi noir masterpiece, Blade Runner. The film could possibly explore the Replican revolution mentioned in the 1982 film, or follow a storyline that takes place after the Rick Deckard adventure.

I think there could be one of two scenarios playing  out here: Either A.), Ridley Scott is feeling nostalgic for his old sci-fi properties like Alien and Blade Runner as a result of working on the (sort of) prequel to Alien, Prometheus, and is looking to return to that type of era-defining material again. Or B.), Ridley’s gone completely bugnuts berzerk (he recently stated he would never shoot in 2D again, and is attached to direct a film based on the board game Monopoly), and wants to continue to shit all over his legacy by plastering the screen with chestbursters popping out at the audience in 3D, or  vertigo-inducing shots of “spinners” decending into the neon steel canyons of  dystopian Los Angeles. Either way, I’m sure Michael Fassbender is going to be involved somehow. That guy’s in everything.

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