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I don’t know how I missed posting this trailer for the Steven Spielberg-produced alien invasion TV series Falling Skies yesterday, but here it is in all it’s ID4-meets-The Walking Dead glory. The pilot is set to air on TNT in June, 2011. It looks decent enough, but the aliens themselves need a lot more rendering before the final product airs, and I’m just not so sure I buy Noah Wylie as the badass leader of a group of survivors. Was Matthew Fox not available? Witness the fury of JACKFACE, alien scum!!!


So imagine it’s Christmas morning. Outside, the freshly fallen snow is glistening on the treetops, and inside, a roaring fire is bathing your living room in a hearty red glow. Underneath the glittering lights of the Christmas tree, lies a big shiny gift box with a beautiful scarlet bow on top. With excitement in your heart, you grab the box and admire the colorful gold and silver wrapping paper. After carefully removing the paper and bow, you slowly remove the lid, your curiosity about to explode. Finally, you peek inside and discover….a turd; A stinky, festering, corn-riddled Yule log.┬áNow that you have that wonderful image in your mind, you have a pretty good idea of what ‘Skyline’ is: a foul-smelling piece of crap wrapped up in a nice shiny box.

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