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Michael Fassbender is pretty much the most awesome guy in the universe right now, so it makes total sense that every director attached to some kind of genre property is looking to secure Fassbender’s particular brand of badassery. Brazilian director José Padilha, who stepped in to the Robocop reboot following the departure of Darren Aronofsky, thinks Fassbender would make the perfect Robocop, and plans to meet with the actor soon to discuss the recently-completed screenplay.

Usually I would go into some long-winded diatribe about how actors fit into certain roles, and if reboots are a good idea or not, but in this case, fuck it. Fassbender owns the screen in anything he is in, so if this happens I will be more than ok with it. At this point, I’d pay my hard-earned ticket money to watch Fassbender dress up as Little Orphan Annie and punch baby seals in the face for two hours.


Some Dark Knight Rises set photos hit the web on Saturday, giving us our first really good look at Anne Hathaway in her full Catwoman attire. Anne looks absolutely delicious in the slinky leather getup, and as reported, her high-tech goggles serve as her “cat ears” when they are raised up. Some people are losing their shit over Catwoman’s appearance here, but if you’ve seen the previous two Nolan Batman films, this costume fits well in the more “realistic” Batman universe. Besides, it could’ve looked like this…

[shudder] Never forget…

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