I thought I had my finger on the pulse of all things geek, but I must be slipping in my old age, because I had completely forgotten that the producers of the Underworld films insist on to churning out sequels to this franchise that absolutely no one gives a shit about. I mean, seriously, can someone please explain to me how Resident Evil and Underworld films still get financed? Who the Hell is going to these movies?  The trailer for the latest installment, Underworld: Awakening hit the Internet today, and it looks as terrible as you would expect. Everything looks cheap and the acting is laughable, but sweet Christmas, Kate Beckinsale still looks loin-throbbingly hot in that slinky black leather getup. Underworld: Awakening opens on January 20th, 2012 in *groan* 3D.



About Jeff Carter

Jeff began his path towards Geek destiny at the age of four, at a drive-in screening of Star Wars. Since then, he's had a love affair with all things nerdy. In the mid to late 90's, Jeff was a staff writer for EchoStation.Com, interviewing Star Wars heavyweights like Timothy Zahn and Drew Struzan. He then went on to review films and write editorial pieces for several blogs in the mid 2000's, wrote and co-created a webcomic strip that ran from 2007-2010, and is currently co-founder of Dead Henchmen Productions, an independent film company based in New England.

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  1. I just want to know what you’re watching that, by comparison makes the Underworld franchise seem cheap and laughable. In my opinion there have been few movies that compare to Underworld and even its sequels. Or Resident Evil for that matter. Granted the last Resident Evil was a little lackluster but still entertaining. I went and saw Fright Night. When the new Underworld trailer was over I would have been content to leave. (a happier person)
    There hasn’t been anything really as good as either of these series. Look at SuckerPunch… If it hadn’t been for the slow motion fight sense, this movie would have been about fifteen minutes long. The previews should have been the movie. They were sexy, visually striking and just all around awesome. Then the movie. Like setting off an old fourth of july fountain. the fuse is more spectacular than the firework. Priest was pretty good. It seemed more like a sequel to a movie we all missed. 30 Days of night. Conceptually cool but nothing really that great about it.
    I’m not saying Either of these movies are the greatest movie EVER but I certainly can’t see where your passionate disgust comes from. They are fun and have plenty of action. Pretty much what why we go to movies of this kind in the first place.
    Just another geek. Chuck

    • Thanks for writing, Chuck. The following is a list of things I watched that make the ‘Underworld’ films seem cheap and laughable:

      1.) My dog running laps in the backyard
      2.) Beverly Hills Chihuahua
      3.) Any film with Tom Skerritt
      4.) An ICP concert video
      5.) Gay porn from the 1980’s
      6.) Every other film ever made.

      I kid, I kid! I don’t really watch Tom Skerritt movies…

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