It’s often said that a hero can only attain greatness if he has a great nemesis; an enemy that challenges his strength, morals, and intelligence  – a darkness to counter the  light . That’s why it’s crucial for superhero movie adaptations to choose characters that have compelling villains, so that the audience is both entertained, and senses the true threat the villain poses to the hero. It’s also important to properly translate that evil-doer to the screen, carrying over their motivations for doing the evil things that they do. Many films have succeeded in this regard, with outstanding performances by Jack Nicolson and Heath Ledger as the Joker, Ian Mckellan as Magneto in the X-Men Films, Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor, and Willem DaFoe as the Green Goblin, to name but a few. Sadly, there are just as many horrible mis-fires as there are iconic portrayals of evil in superhero films. Here are ten of the absolute lamest.

10.) Gamma Irradiated Poodle – Hulk (2003)

Played by: Crappy CGI effects.

Hoo-boy…well, we launch the list with one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen on the movie screen. Ang Lee’s Hulk film was a very slow and  cerebral approach to the jolly green behemoth, and featured a lot of weird psychological Father/Son dynamics between Bruce Banner his psychotic Daddy, played by a creepy-looking Nick Nolte. At one point in the film, Nolte, who also experiments with Gamma radiation, decides to sick some gamma-irradiated dogs on his son. As if this concept wasn’t already completely insane, one of the dogs was a giant, mutated…fluffy white Westminster-ready show poodle. Yes, really. One can only hope the Avengers won’t have to face this terrifying creature next Summer.

9.) Laurel Hedare – Catwoman (2004)

Played by: Sharon Stone

I’m not going to pretend that I actually watched Catwoman, but even though I have never laid eyes upon this bowl-curling turd, it’s still safe to assume that ol’ Sharon here has easily earned a spot on the lamest villains list for her portrayal of iconic Catwoman nemesis “Laurel Hedare”. And by “iconic”, I mean a terrible character that no one had ever heard of before. So what makes Ms. Hedare here ultra-lame? Well, apparently she was the co-owner of a cosmetics company who wanted to market a beauty cream that promised to make people’s skin as “smooth as marble”, but it really just melted their faces off. Hedare used the cream and her skin actually became as hard and impervious to pain as marble, but not to Catwoman’s magical claws because they scratched right through it and — Oh, for fuck’s sake… WHO IN THE NAME OF GOD WROTE THIS SHIT???

8.) Bane, Poison Ivy, and Mr. Freeze – Batman & Robin (1997)

Played by: Jeep Swenson, Uma Thurman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Yes folks, it’s a trifecta of lameness here from the legendarily God-awful Batman & Robin. Where do I even begin? First off, look at that picture of Bane. Just fucking look at it. The Bane of the comics was a fiendishly clever mastermind who was born in a South American prison, became addicted to a super-steroid called Venom, then came up with a plan to completely destroy Batman and actually succeeded. In this cinematic dungbomb however, he was portrayed as a brainless, grunting oaf by a no-name wrestler in a costume with fake veins and muscles airbrushed over a nude nylon bodysuit. Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy wasn’t all that terrible as far as costuming goes, but she was clearly chanelling some campy, over-the-top  acting style  from the 1930’s, and was pretty much just there to fuel the flames of homoeroticsm between Clooney and O’Donnel.

And to complete the triple-shot of suck, we have Arnold Schwarzenegger (right around the time he was banging his housekeeper) in the most mis-cast role of all-time. Joel Schumacher and company transformed a very nuanced, tormented character into walking neon Mardi Gras float spouting terrible cold-related puns like,  “Hey Batman, Chill!”, “Cool Party!”, “Ice to see you!”, and “You’re  not sending ME to the COOLER!” Any scene from Batman & Robin is painful to sit through, but I’m pretty sure the sequence where Arnie forces his idiot henchmen to sing Christmas songs while wearing a blue polar bear robe and giant fuzzy polar bear slippers was used to force that terrorist courier into disclosing Osama Bin Laden’s location.

7.) Blackheart – Ghost Rider (2006)

Played by: Wes Bentley

You know, I really can’t decide which is lamer here – Blackheart himself, or the Nickelback cover band standing around him. Putting villains in leather trenchcoats is a lame practice that unimaginiative costume designers have been using for years now, and it’s never effective. It just turns characters like this into bland, stock bad guys from an episode of Baywatch Nights.

Wes Bentley, last seen filming a “beautiful” plastic bag (and getting a handful of Thora Birch’s tits for his efforts), in American Beauty, plays Blackheart in this abysmal Nicolas Cage vehicle. Blackheart is the son of Mephisto (Marvel’s version  of Satan), and is a terrifying creature that looks like this:

In Ghost Rider though, he looks like a douchey rich kid who decided to paint his fingernails black and buy some Dashboard Confessional CD’s in order to bang emo high school chicks.

6.) The Red Skull – Captain America (1990)

Played by: Scott Paulin

This is a photo of Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull from the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger. As you can see, it’s a near-perfect translation of the character from comic book page to movie screen. However, in the cheesey, low-budget, direct-to-video 1990 Captain America film, The Red Skull looked like this:

Laughable, right? Couldn’t get  any worse, right? Wrong. It gets worse. The film begins in World War II, but leaps ahead into the present day when Cap gets thawed out of an iceberg in Alaska. The Red Skull is also still alive in the present day, but he got some plastic surgery and ended up looking like this:

It’s BIZARRO RONALD REAGAN! Did I mention that he was also Italian and not German in this colossal piece of shit? I think I’ve said enough here…

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About Jeff Carter

Jeff began his path towards Geek destiny at the age of four, at a drive-in screening of Star Wars. Since then, he's had a love affair with all things nerdy. In the mid to late 90's, Jeff was a staff writer for EchoStation.Com, interviewing Star Wars heavyweights like Timothy Zahn and Drew Struzan. He then went on to review films and write editorial pieces for several blogs in the mid 2000's, wrote and co-created a webcomic strip that ran from 2007-2010, and is currently co-founder of Dead Henchmen Productions, an independent film company based in New England.

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  1. Hey Jeff gotta agree with you on Batman and Robin…those bad guys all sucked hard core! love the articles. Keep em coming 😀

  2. I disagreed with you on Underworld and Resident Evil but you are dead on on these guys. I especially agree about Blackheart and the trench coated villain in general. They suck!!! I would add La Magra from blade. I liked stephen Dorffs Character till he became the all powerful La Magra slash Blades Bitch and got massacred. I think Penguin is a terrible villain as well. Aside from his annoying laugh his chemical spewing umbrella and overall unpleasant appearance… He’s some jackass you and your friends would laugh at while he was pumping gas into his 80’s model mercedes with oxidized paint. He’s not scary, strong or even that smart, based on his juvenile schemes to squelch Batman. Hell he’s just irritating enough to mention him as a horrible bad guy.
    Just my two cents. Thank You, Chuck

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