Because Batman/Nolan fanboys go berserk at the slightest shred of Dark Knight Rises news, I feel it’s my duty to fuel that insanity by posting this little item where Aaron Eckhart coyly dodges a CBS News question about a possible Two-Face appearance in the final Bat-film:

This blurb is also fueling further speculation that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to appear in the film as the Joker, replacing his deceased friend Heath Ledger. Rumor has it both villains will be appearing in brief Arkham Asylum sequences. I also heard a rumor that Charlie Sheen is going to appear in the film as a new villain called “Vatican Assassin Warlock Tigerblood Man”, but as it turns out, he was just spotted breaking into Christopher Nolan’s office to steal a Batman cowl and a box of Sharpies.


About Jeff Carter

Jeff began his path towards Geek destiny at the age of four, at a drive-in screening of Star Wars. Since then, he's had a love affair with all things nerdy. In the mid to late 90's, Jeff was a staff writer for EchoStation.Com, interviewing Star Wars heavyweights like Timothy Zahn and Drew Struzan. He then went on to review films and write editorial pieces for several blogs in the mid 2000's, wrote and co-created a webcomic strip that ran from 2007-2010, and is currently co-founder of Dead Henchmen Productions, an independent film company based in New England.

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