Australian badass Tom Hardy is white-hot in the acting world at the moment, coming off a major role in Christopher Nolan’s Inception and a critically acclaimed performance in the cult film Bronson. Hardy’s next role will be the villain Bane in Nolan’s Batman finale, The Dark Knight Rises. Hardy was a guest on some obnoxious British talk show called The Chatty Man, and if you can get past the rather, err…flamboyant host Alan Carr acting like a spastic, love-struck schoolboy for about a minute and a half, you can listen to Hardy talk about the character:


Hardy also let it slip on a UK TV show (not sure if it was the same one or not), that he is signed on for more Inception films, should Nolan decide he needs to make a quick buck if any of his films fail add some more rooms on to his gold and diamond-encrusted mansion explore more of the dream-world.


About Jeff Carter

Jeff began his path towards Geek destiny at the age of four, at a drive-in screening of Star Wars. Since then, he's had a love affair with all things nerdy. In the mid to late 90's, Jeff was a staff writer for EchoStation.Com, interviewing Star Wars heavyweights like Timothy Zahn and Drew Struzan. He then went on to review films and write editorial pieces for several blogs in the mid 2000's, wrote and co-created a webcomic strip that ran from 2007-2010, and is currently co-founder of Dead Henchmen Productions, an independent film company based in New England.

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