I’m a big fan of all things weird, f’ed up and bizarre, so when a genuinely strange movie crosses my path, it becomes an automatic must see. I’ve been hearing good things about Quentin Dupieux’s film Rubber for a while and now that it’s gearing up for a VOD premiere-then-limited theatrical run (on Feb 25 and Apr 1, respectively) an official trailer for it has become available.

I’m gonna eschew my usual commentary and just tell you to watch. I will say the movie is about a sentient psychic tire named Robert going on a killing spree after becoming obsessed with a young woman. Yep, that’s what its about. Yep, I wanna see it. Trailer, courtesy of Magnolia Films and Dread Central, below:


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Film blogger, filmmaker and all around horror nerd, I live with a high flying life of danger and adventure. If I decide to get out of bed in the morning.

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  1. Haha, that is ridiculously hilarious!

  2. I really hated Rubber!!! What could have been quite an inspired idea with references from David Lynch, to the horrors of the 50s and 60s, Carpenter’s Christine, and even Duel and Wall-E, in the end comes out as a smug, indulgent and self-congratulatory exercise which should have probably stayed a short film.


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