I stumbled upon this video on Facebook and I thought I’d share it because it. is. AWESOME!! Its a machinima created by a duo who call themselves The Country Club. The Club — aka Nathan Kitada and Aaron T. Umedani) have a channel on YouTube filled with their pretty cool short films, including a parody of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and a three minute long fight scene they call “The Initiation”, both worth checking out. With “The Brothers Mario”, Kitada and Umedani have essentially made a four-minute long CGI “trailer” for a sadly non-existent Scarface-style gangster movie that recasts Mario, Luigi, Peach, et al as underworld mafioso types battling it out on the mean streets of some major city. Love Toad as a do-ragged, rocket-launcher toting hip-hop thug.)

Why this isn’t getting adapted into an actual game is beyond me. Seriously, Nintendo would reap some major coinage by reinventing the Mario games into some sort of Grand Theft Auto: Koopa’s World, guns ‘n’ cocaine, Mafia-apocalypse, Rated-M-for-Mature videogame franchise. But, nah, they’ll play it safe, keep it for the kiddos and wuss out on crafting some sort of real bullets-ablazin’ badassery for grown-up Mario Bros. fans to enjoy. Then again, we’ll always have the Country Club to thank for serving up the little Italian plumber as we’ve never seen him before.


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