Coming from the land of hot, tall, shiny blue-eyed blonde people (male or female, take your pick), endless expanses of snow and church-burning death metal are three rather intriguing looking new genre projects that put new spins on old tropes, and I’ve the trailers fer ya below.

First up, from Norway, is Andre Ovreda’s found footage big-monster pic The Troll Hunter. It’s the story of a group of students who uncover a government conspiracy to keep the existence of real-life trolls (and not goblins — damn you Troll 2!!!!) from leaking to the public. And no wonder — the size of the damn beasts here would make the Billy Goats Gruff reconsider bridge travel.  The whole film looks hella fun, and the good news is that genre-friend distributor Magnolia Pictures (Splinter, Let the Right one In, The Host…need I go on?) will be releasing this under it’s Magnet label, with a theatrical release planned in the States sometime next year. Universal Pictures meanwhile has nabbed remake rights.

Meanwhile, from Finland, and due for release December 3 from Oscilloscope Pictures is Jalmari Helander’s twisted little holiday offering Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale which gives us a welcome shot of rum in the saccharine egg nog of most Christmas films.

Exports tells the tale of an archeological team that uncover the real, feral Santa and decide to hold him for ransom…until an army of elves decide to free Krazy Kris Kringle. Part fantasy, part horror and part coming of age tale, Rare Exports looks to be a gift for fans this winter.

But wait! There’s more good news for those who like their Xmas’ decorated with a little more red then green, as another evil Santa flick is coming to us — this time from the only Scandinavian country attached to mainland Europe, Denmark.

Dick Maas’ Sint looks to be a more — well, relatively more — traditional take on holiday horror with Santa Clause again presented as a slaughter-happy supernatural slasher — only this one looks f*ckin’ jaw-droppingly cool. The movie is based on an old folk tale in which ol’ St. Nick isn’t the cuddly Macy’s Day Parade mascot we know him as, but an evil bishop who comes to punish the naughty (aka…anyone) on December 5th. Veteran Danish horror director Maas is the man who directed the cult favorite killer-elevator flick The Lift (as well as its Naomi Watts-starring American remake, The Shaft. *giggle*) and the aquatic slasher Amsterdamned, both of which are on my to-see list, and with Sint it looks like he’s delivered another bit of awesome Euro madness, an atmospheric, action-packed body-counter with a religio-nut Jason Voorhees on a horse hacking his way through some unfortunate Danes. And how can you not love that?

No word on a U.S. release date yet, but I hope it ‘s soon, because I need some new horror flicks to augment my annual viewings of Silent Night, Deadly Night and Black Christmas while I snarf down cookies, candy and holiday ham.

Personally, I think all three films looking all kinds of bad-ass fantastic. American horror has been  more or less lacking lately, and Scandinavia has been kicking butt with films like Dead Snow and Let the Right One In so I got some pretty high expectations that this trio of delightful-looking Nordic naughties won’t give me a few lumps of coal in my cinema stocking over the next year.


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Film blogger, filmmaker and all around horror nerd, I live with a high flying life of danger and adventure. If I decide to get out of bed in the morning.

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