Dear Lord, I couldn’t pass this by without bring its cheesy, sexy glory to you, my Mad Loves. Coming straight from the land down under is Stuart Simpson’s insane-looking indie creature feature El Monstro del Mar and I’ve got a trailer to show you after the jump:

Simpson’s flick pits three ubersexy (if pretty goddamn unlikable)  badass-criminal psychobilly babes against a sea monster in a small Australian seaport town. The movie looks like some sort of cross between Russ Meyer’s immortal DD B-movie epic Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! (one of my favorite films) and an old school ’50s giant monster schlocker, so immediately I’m sold…even if the movie doesn’t actually look like its any good.

Yep, the acting looks more wooden than a boat oar, the dialogue sounds like crap (when you make it out through the accents) and those home-cooked opticals bring new meaning to “special” FX. But I have a soft spot in my heart for punk girls above all others, especially ones who kick ass, and any movie that homages Russ Meyer’s go-go cheesefests at least gets a must-see in my book. (Okay, yes, the self-conscious nods in movies like Bitch Slap pretty much never work the same kind of magic, but still, I’m like a moth to a flame.) Add on top of that, the promise/threat of So-Bad-Its-Good, and this becomes one flick I can’t wait to see…with an appropriate application of Sam Adams, of course.

No release date is known, but you can check out the El Monstro Del Mar website here for more fishy goodies to drool over.



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