Cusack, looking sad and tragical.

Anyone see the Masters of Horror episode “The Black Cat”? It was directed by the awesomely awesome Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator), based on the short story by Edgar Allen Poe and starred the incomparable Jeffrey Combs as Poe. It was the best episode of that show’s weak second season, and Combs’ performance as Poe was so immersive that he hit the stage for a one-man show called “Nevermore” based on the Baltimore author’s tragic life. 

Now a bigger named star is tackling the author and the first image is…unimpressive. John Cusack is currently shooting The Raven for director James McTeigue (V For Vendetta, Ninja Assassin) and has provided a first look. In “The Black Cat”, Combs was a dead ringer for Poe while here…well, it’s clearly John Cusack. The film is apparently a serial killer thriller in which Poe teams with a detective (Luke Evans) to track down a murderer who’s kidnapped Poe’s fiancé. Ewan McGregor and Alice Eve co-star.


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I walk through these wastelands, searching for a ray of light, a spark of hope, something to find my way through the darkness we call life. Either that or I'll take a good beer, a cheap horror flick and a sexy girl to call my own.

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