Nicolas Cage — aka the Best Actor Known to Man — returns this winter with his latest round of sure-to-be-terrible genre schlock: the Inquisition epic Season of the Witch. Cage and his luxurious locks star as a knight in the Crusades who is tasked to deliver a young girl to an abbey after she is deemed a witch. Claire Foy plays the girl, and Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman, co-stars. We got stills, a poster and a trailer (courtesy of Dread Central) for you to be bewitched by below :

Okay, I like Cage and all, but I have no hopes for this movie. After all, what was the last good genre pic the actor’s done? Add on top of that the fact that behind the camera is Dominic Sena — helmer of cinematic abortions Swordfish, Gone in 60 Seconds and Whiteout — and that Lionsgate not only pulled the movie out of a March slot earlier this year but dropped it from its slate all together, and the whiff of stinker is writ all over this. It doesn’t help that the trailer makes Season look like Van Helsing-meets-Robin Hood minus the budget, though that isn’t really deterring me from seeing this dud anyway (if only to laugh at it) when Relativity releases it on the cinematic graveyard that is January 7th.


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  1. Please tell me you’re joking about Nicholas Cage being the “Best Actor Know to Man.”
    Gary Oldman should come flying through a window in dreads and a bathrobe to attack you for such blasphemies.

  2. John of the Dead

    What, you weren’t glued to his riveting performances in “Ghost Rider”, “Knowing” and “The Wicker Man”?

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