So excited that Part 4 of the elemental invasion is live!! Standing in Stormwind with my guildmates and a ton of other players, just waiting for something to happen. We were hoping that it would start at the top of the hour, but 6pm came and went with no evacuations of the citizens and lower level characters.

Of course, some awesome person just threw down a train track, which was promptly dealt with by some nice person with a wrecker.

Here’s me, looking out at the sea of mammoths, on my trusty steed. I no has elephant on this toon, QQ.

I can’t help but find it a little bit morbidly amusing that a Worried Citizen keeps saying, “There must be someone who can help!” while we all just stand around squishing her with our mounts.

Ah… train track #2 just went down… Sheesh! Also, I just HATE it when my catastrophic events don’t happen in a timely fashion!

That being said, I have really been enjoying doing these quests for the expansion. Not only is it something to do while waiting for Cat to come out, they are fun and at times funny too. Who else thought of Arizona while they were at the Stormwind gates asking citizens for their papers?

Ohh! The sky just went black!

Yeah, that’s more like it…

So that was terribly fun! The Elite Elementals hit for a good deal. Ended up tanking a bit in my dps gear while waiting for reinforcements and with no healer. Yeah, that didn’t go over so well. And just so you know, when you start the bosses, make sure that everyone in your party has all of the quests before you start pulling. My tank ran in before I got to pick up the quest and the quest giver jumps into the fray with you. I ended up not getting credit on one of the boss, and now I have to wait for the next event to start again. Great times, however!

About shadowaecat

Casual to hardcore raider, Alliance side. Level 80 DK Kingslayer. Professional Tribal belly dancer.

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