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Man, this is an ugly top five, and proof that there isn’t much worthwhile playing at the cineplexes right now. However, we are rapidly approaching the kickoff to Holiday movie season, and better offerings are on the way with ‘Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1’ opening this Friday night. Here are the top five box office films for the weekend of November 12-14, 2010:

1.) Megamind – $29.1 million

2.) Unstoppable – $22.7 million

3.) Due Date – $15.4 million

4.) Skyline – $11.7 million (Our review HERE)

5.) Morning Glory – $9.2 million

In other news, I have no idea what the hell ‘Morning Glory’ is.

Link: Box Office Mojo



So excited that Part 4 of the elemental invasion is live!! Standing in Stormwind with my guildmates and a ton of other players, just waiting for something to happen. We were hoping that it would start at the top of the hour, but 6pm came and went with no evacuations of the citizens and lower level characters.

Of course, some awesome person just threw down a train track, which was promptly dealt with by some nice person with a wrecker.

Here’s me, looking out at the sea of mammoths, on my trusty steed. I no has elephant on this toon, QQ.

I can’t help but find it a little bit morbidly amusing that a Worried Citizen keeps saying, “There must be someone who can help!” while we all just stand around squishing her with our mounts. Read the rest of this entry


Nicolas Cage — aka the Best Actor Known to Man — returns this winter with his latest round of sure-to-be-terrible genre schlock: the Inquisition epic Season of the Witch. Cage and his luxurious locks star as a knight in the Crusades who is tasked to deliver a young girl to an abbey after she is deemed a witch. Claire Foy plays the girl, and Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman, co-stars. We got stills, a poster and a trailer (courtesy of Dread Central) for you to be bewitched by below : Read the rest of this entry


Dead meat?

I have a theory about Wes Craven: the man makes a truly kick-ass horror flick every decade or so, then follows it up with a bunch of movies that go from decent to mediocre and just when you’re about to write him off — BOOM — there’s another genre classic. There was Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes in the seventies, he roared back with A Nightmare on Elm Street in ’84, and then when he was at the point of Vampire In Brooklyn he opted to direct Scream. Welp, since then I’ve been waiting for Craven to return to cinematic badassery, and while Scream 2 and Red Eye weren’t bad, they weren’t classics and My Soul To Take wasn’t exactly a return to form. So cue, Scream 4, which is due to kick copious butt when it comes out April 15, 2011 (God willing.)

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Cusack, looking sad and tragical.

Anyone see the Masters of Horror episode “The Black Cat”? It was directed by the awesomely awesome Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator), based on the short story by Edgar Allen Poe and starred the incomparable Jeffrey Combs as Poe. It was the best episode of that show’s weak second season, and Combs’ performance as Poe was so immersive that he hit the stage for a one-man show called “Nevermore” based on the Baltimore author’s tragic life. 

Now a bigger named star is tackling the author and the first image is…unimpressive. John Cusack is currently shooting The Raven for director James McTeigue (V For Vendetta, Ninja Assassin) and DreadCentral.com has provided a first look. In “The Black Cat”, Combs was a dead ringer for Poe while here…well, it’s clearly John Cusack. The film is apparently a serial killer thriller in which Poe teams with a detective (Luke Evans) to track down a murderer who’s kidnapped Poe’s fiancé. Ewan McGregor and Alice Eve co-star.

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